Our Sponsors

There are no words that can fully express how grateful we are for the support of our Sponsors.

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Our awesome Sponsors

Thank you so much for your support. We would very much like to recognise and acknowledge our amazing company sponsors who have stood by our side throughout this pandemic. It has been difficult for many independent businesses who have faced such difficult challenges of their own which makes your support even more incredible.

So here are our awesome sponsors, please join us in saying ‘Thank you’ to each and everyone!

Benefits of becoming a Sponsor

As a huge thank you to all our support we offer each of our sponsors a bio / link from our sponsors page.



Becoming a Sponsor

It is easy to register to become a sponsor, simply contact our fundraising co-ordinator below for details.  We do look for ethical companies to partner with, this is part of our sponsor criterion.

Being a Sponsor

We ask that our Sponsors help support St Giles Animal Welfare, you can do this any number of ways to suit your level of commitment.

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