About us

St Giles Animal Welfare is a non-profit organisation.

It is our mission to advocate for animals in need and put them at the forefront of everything we do. Providing a better future for unwanted pet animals by rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming them.
To work with our local community to educate and run community projects that ensure animals’ needs are understood and met. Only then can we hope to give animals a second chance at a better life.’ – Jack Linnell (Director)

About St Giles Animal Welfare

We help abandoned, displaced and abused animals.

St Giles Animal Welfare based at St Giles Animal Centre in Wrantage, Taunton. The centre is owned by Jack Linnell.

What we do is life changing

St Giles Animal Welfare not-for-profit provides a safe and loving environment to animals who need our help. Every animal deserves a second chance at their happy ever after, and that is what we are dedicated to achieve.

Our love and dedication for the animals motivates and drives St Giles Animal Welfare forward with our main goal.

Once a dog has been fully processed he/she is then ready to be rehomed. We ensure that all dogs have had a complete course of vaccinations, are neutered and are microchipped, in regulation with the microchip law (that came into effect in April 2016).

We also board dogs and cats on behalf of the RSPCA South East and South West branch and, whilst in our care, we help find them their forever homes.

As well as the animals we take through these routes, we also care for many other rescue cats and dogs that come to us direct from families that are no longer able to care for them.

On some occasions we also find ourselves helping other animals in need such as rabbits and guinea pigs, and we have even rescued sheep and chickens!

Please find our Complaints Policy & Procedure here.


It’s important to distinguish between St Giles Animal Welfare and St Giles Animal Centre:

Animal Rescue at St Giles Animal Rescue

St Giles Animal Welfare

St Giles Animal Welfare based at St Giles Animal Centre in Wrantage, Taunton and are responsible for taking and caring for 100% of the stray dogs over West Somerset, covering two council areas; Somerset West & Taunton and South Somerset.

St Giles Animal Centre Services Entrichment

St Giles Animal Centre

St Giles Animal Centre is a  business that includes a large rehoming centre funded by the centre, St Giles Animal Welfare and the RSPCA.  The centre also provides a range of services to pet owners such as Pet Boarding, Veterinary Clinic, Animal Therapies, Doggie Day Care, Dog Training, Grooming and Individual Pet Cremations.