Virtual Gifts

Your donations go directly towards your selected treatment or gift idea.

Donate a virtual gift for a rescued cat or dog

How it works...

Your donations are used to purchase toys, treatment and care for St Giles Animal Welfare pet rescues.

When you purchase a virtual gift you will be emailed a link to your gift certificate which you can download, print and populate with your recipient’s information.

You can also download your certificate from your  ‘My Account’ > ‘Orders’ link located at the top right of this page.

Please contact marketing if you have any questions.

Toys for a rescue: your £5 virtual gift will pay for a toy - guaranteed to keep one of our rescues entertained for hours be they a cat or dog!


Heat a kennel: your £10 will pay for a heated kennel for one month or pays for a microchip. Help keep our rescues warm and safe.


Feed a rescue for 2 weeks : your £15 will pay for two weeks of food for a cat or dog rescue. Some pets require a specialised diet your donation will help provide the right supplements.


Vet health check: your £20 donation will pay for a veterinary health check for one of our rescues. Help keep our rescues healthy.


Cat spay: your £50 donation will pay for one of our rescue cats to be spayed. Spaying not only stops our rescues from having unwanted litters it can also help prevent some really serious illnesses.


Dog neutering: your £100 donation will help pay towards one of our rescue dogs being neutered. There are already hundreds of thousands of unwanted animals in rescue centres across the UK, by neutering we don't add to the problem.