We need you

Join our amazing volunteers and get involved today. We hugely appreciate you and simply cannot do without your support. 

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Get involved

Discover the difference you make

Every year pets in the South West suffer from abuse, abandonment and displacement. With your help we can end their misery and find a new, happier life. 

You can help by giving a life-changing donation, volunteer at the rescue centre or create fundraising events of your own – every action you take makes a huge difference.

Why we need you to get involved

We need your help now more than ever to keep the centre going. Our teams are working around the clock to support our vulnerable rescue animals. We need to keep protecting them and with the current climate. we are finding it increasingly hard to cover our costs.

We have adapted, as have so many other charities, using social media to fundraise. We cannot thank you enough for your support however we cannot afford to ease up! As the number of abandoned pets increase, so too has the demand for food, veterinary care and boarding.

We need your help. Please get involved in any way you can to support St Giles Animal Rescue. Your help will be more appreciated than you know. We, at the Charity, could not be more grateful to you, your family and friends, for your support.

Don’t worry you can give as little or as much time as you can happily manage. See below just some of the ways you can get involved.

Cat cuddling

Cats need love too and, if you're a cat person who would just adore to spend your time cuddling and playing with cats, we'd love your help and support onsite in our wonderful cattery.

Dog walking

What dog doesn't enjoy a good walk with a lovely volunteer! Enjoy the beautiful countryside around St Giles Animal Centre with a canine companion by your side.

Volunteer with our events team

St Giles Animal Welfare rely on fundraising to support this service. Would you be interested in helping our fundraisers run local events in Somerset and surrounding areas.


At St Giles Animal Centre we rely 100% on your donations to support displaced and abandoned animals. Without your donations this non-profit charity could not exist.

Family Fun

We have loads going on to keep you busy; having fun with activities all the family can enjoy, from our famous Pet Show-Stoppers to colouring competitions and collecting golden tickets.