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Kai and his trip to the vets

Kai has been to Cave Veterinary Specialists Referrals today for a neurology consultation Cave where lovely and Tom who loved Kai helped give us some information on his condition. When Kai arrived at the Centre he was very wobbly with a strange gait, scuff marks on his pads and muscle weakness. After his consultation today Tom has helped us to understand what Kai’s condition could be. The potential causes of Kai’s clinical condition include congenital malformations such as a Spinal Arachnoid Diverticulum (SAD) a fluid sack that presses on the spinal cord, or some form of Cervical Spondylomyelopathy (CSM – ‘Wobbler Syndrome’) a congenital spinal disorder where the bones can press on the spinal cord. Both conditions are located in the neck (cervical region) affecting the spinal cord, therefore affecting Kai’s mobility. To 100% confirm this he would need an MRI scan, this is something we can’t afford at present and feel that the money is best spent on rehabilitation. Kai is very friendly boy who is super social with dogs and people, he is not coping in kennels and with his condition we are desperate to find him a foster placement as soon as possible. The condition Kai has will mean potentially his life could be shortened, but we will do everything in our power to given him the best quality. If you think you could help Kai please contact via email

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