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Vixen & Mittens

Vixen and Mittens now Nyx and Aurora have just recently hit the 1 year milestone in their forever home and we have been given a lovely update from their family. 🐱❤

“We have now had them for a year. When we first got them, they were very scared and lived under the kitchen counters. As they came from a multi cat household, it must have been very scary for them. We managed to win Aurora round quite quickly but Nyx took a lot longer.

We have trained them to use the cat flap so they are able to come in and out during the day. As they were kept inside before we got them, we didn’t know how they would feel about going outside. Aurora particularly seems to like having the freedom to come and go although they both spend quite a lot of time inside.

Nyx is very much a cat of routine and she likes having attention on her terms. This does make Aurora jealous and she will try to barge Nyx out the way so she can have the attention. However, generally they still get on well together. Aurora is a lap cat (as you can see from the photo!)”

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