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Tips on how to organise and develop your own fundraising activities or events.

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Fundraising for St Giles Animal Rescue

We’d love for you to raise funds for St Giles Animal Rescue and we’d like to support you in anyway we can. We’ve put together a few helpful tips which we think might add value.

So, if it’s creating a fundraising event of your own or joining us, as a volunteer, in our own activities we think you’ll find this page useful.

Never make fundraising a chore

You can do a little or a lot, stick to what you are happy to commit to – never extend yourself because this needs to be fun for you not a chore. There are loads of activities you can do that don’t require mass overheads, time and materials.

Do what you love

Whether you’re arty, sporty or a great entertainer, pick an activity you can really get passionate about because your excitement will be infectious.

When you are ready to start planning – work backwards. Visualise what your event / activity will look like then break it down into what, when, where, who and how. Don’t be afraid of change; if your initial idea is too big or too small stay flexible and agile.

Event Checklist

Break it down into  MoSCoW The M stands for ‘Must haves’, S for ‘Should haves’, C for ‘Could haves’ and W for ‘Won’t haves’ or ‘Would haves’.

Example : Painting competition

Just one example from each MoSCoW category:

There are some great online resources to help you checklist your fundraising activities. Here’s a great FREE pdf you can download from

Use Social Media

Before, during and after your fundraiser

Social media is a great tool for sharing with friends and family. Engage your community by posting videos of what you’re going to be doing or capture photos on your phone, upload and turn them into a multimedia slide show on Facebook!

Take a moment

You’ve just done an amazing thing and you are awesome, so take a moment to recognise all that you’ve achieved. You’ve just helped abused, abandoned and displaced animals have another good meal, sleep safely though the night surrounded by people who will care for them, help them heal and find them a loving forever home. You did that.

We cannot thank you enough. Without your support there wouldn’t be a rescue charity and more pets would be processed, possibly euthanised.