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St Giles Animal Welfare based at St Giles Animal Centre, Wrantage, Taunton TA3 6DJ 

Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with St Giles Animal Welfare – Please fill in the online form below!

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Please check at least one or more of these options to help us manage our communication and marketing. We try and spend as little as possible on administrative costs, this will help a great deal.

If you’re answer is NO then you cannot volunteer to work with the animals until you have an up-to-date tetanus inoculation. This is a precaution in the event of scratches or bites.

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You have chosen to take the next step in the process of volunteering. Our questions are specifically aimed to provide more information to further help St Giles Animal Welfare staff and volunteers and will now be sent to our volunteer co-ordinator to assist with your application.

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