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Bramble and Wild 10th Anniversary Donation

On the 4th of July, Bramble & Wild turned 10! To celebrate, they held a competition to win a £35 bunch of flowers delivered anywhere in the U.K., EVERY MONTH for a whole YEAR!

The great news they surpassed their original target and raised a staggering £746 in just 14 days to raise money for St Giles Animal Rescue.

“Luna, our beautiful rescue lab was rehomed from St Giles Animal Rescue, and they’re a wonderful charity with lots more puppies (and cats!) that need our help.” wrote Grace, the owner and founder of Bramble and Wild.

The story doesn’t end there! Some really lovely extra news, the winner has asked to pay it forward and donate to a care home once a month; how sweet is that?

Hopefully, there will be photos soon of the flowers in situ; I’m positive the residents will adore them.

We at St Giles Animal Rescue could not be more thrilled not only for the donation but the kindness of everyone who joined in.

Thank you to our supporters

St Giles Animal Rescue relies 100% on donations made by our supporters.

The money Bramble and Wild, and Luna, have raised will help pay for food, veterinary care and boarding. It will also help the administration find new forever homes, ensuring our rescues are microchipped, vaccinated and protected.

We cannot thank you enough for your support. Without you, we wouldn’t exist. Without you, there would be more abandoned and abused pets euthanised. Simply put: YOU ARE AMAZING.